Gothic revival 19th Century mahogany despatch box. Possibly built to the Pugin design and one of those issued to an MP at the Houses of parliament when they were opened in 1860. We have no evidence to support this other than word of mouth, however the age and design seem to fit. Certainly, worthy of further investigation to unearth its history (would have been very expensive when made, so must have had an important use). 

Fantastic quality, no loose joints and full of age, character and charm. No woodworm.

Would look great in the right location!

Overall maximum dimensions: 55cmW x 35.5cmD x 36cmH (internally 47cmL x 29cmW x 31cmH).

In good antique condition with historic knocks, marks, scratches, wear and imperfections, as is to be expected with functional antiques.

Please check dimensions before purchasing.

Item reference WNA-7984G06.

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